“I WANT TO LIVE A THOUSAND YEARS” A life with the iron lung (film by Max Kronawitter) made in the year 2000 Independent in spite of a most serious handicap – the film portraits Ferdinand in his mid- forties who as a two-year old was struck by polio. In spite of his extremely serious  handicap that ties him to the iron lung at night, he - with the help of his carers - leads an independent, highly active life. A serious of ethnic questions are touched,  such as the dignity of a person, the value of a life, one’s behavior towards a  disabled person,  social help, euthanasia. Ferdinand takes a clear and convincing view point . The film manages to touch not only such important subjects but at the same time shows the spectators  the fate of a person right from the midst of our society whom one is not likely to meet in our everyday life.
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